Vacations or Vocations


preist vacation

Near to  a Coffee Shop, I go to is the California Division of the Society of Jesus… who I have come to know well.  They are more known throughout the world  as “The Jesuits“.    St. Regis was a Priest in the Jesuit order.  John Francis Regis  followed his Vocation…  but what is a “Vacation” to a Priest, when the boss of your Vocation is “God” ?  A  vacation would therfore mean  taking your boss on holiday too.

This site, is dedicated to giving exposure to the Vocation to the Priest Hood of the Society Of Jesus, to which St. Regis belonged, and the life long Vacation of love and joy that it brings.

pope francis

The Current Pope, is a Jesuit too. In fact he created history in 2013,  when he became the first Jesuit to ever be elected a Pope, he took the name of Pope Francis I.

St. Regis is the name many people know, but a person and saint nobody knows much of.  Through this site, and other similar sites, we hope to change that. Our mission is to make St. Regis more known to todays people for who he is, and what he did.

On  this site will will also take a look at, a full time Vocation with no typical “Vacations”.    We also link to Vocations to the Priest Hood of the Society of Jesus.  Different groups of Priests exist.  For example my own brother took on a vocation to  Priest hood.  He is not a Jesuit, bust still a catholic Priest.  Instead,  he says mass to large groups of people, at a Cathedral.

Jesuits exist in the church with a different roll,  what the church call  a “mission” .  A   religious order founded by   St Ignatius of Loyola. They have a prime  focus on missionary educational and charitable work within the world.  In  St.  Regis life time  the  early Jesuits,  produced preachers and catechists who devoted themselves to the care of the young, prisoners, the sick, and prostitutes.  

Jesuit Priest Today St. Regis